We ruined it!

The Soap has raised the price on the trial samples to three dollars (from twenty-five cents). I am sure this is totally our fault, as I got many letters from people asking, “Can’t I just buy three hundred samples and it’d be cheaper than buying the entire soap?” Yeah, pretty sure we screwed ourselves on this one by getting greedy. Which one of you bought out all of the samples? Now I can’t buy ten samples for stocking stuffers.

Anyway, happy face washing.

I’m headed out to Vegas, a place I seem to always be visiting. I always enjoy my time in Vegas, but I never truly enjoy the gambling. This is because I have never won in Vegas. I can’t drop twenty bucks into a machine without thinking, “Could have paid my TiVo bill and bought lunch with that.” So I puss out early and cut my losses when I lose like, two hundred dollars, which usually happens thirty minutes after I arrive in Vegas.

My parents loved gambling. Love. Love love love. My mom still goes out to gamble whenever she can. She loves video poker machines, which are only fun to me if I have a friend beside me complaining as we lose $1.25 a second. Dad was more of a tables man, and played Black Jack and Craps.

I like getting massages at the spa. I like the food. I like the people I get to hang out with.

I met Dan in Vegas, so it will always be one of my favorite places because of that.

Maybe if I embrace Vegas this time, then luck will finally swing my way. This has to be my tenth trip, at least, and I’ve yet to go home with any winnings. So cross your fingers for me. I could use a little luck this Christmas so I can buy presents.

There is a possibility that Dan and I will geek out entirely and post from Vegas. And by possibility, I mean, “We’ll see you tomorrow.”

Dan, have you ever won anything in Vegas? I mean, besides my heart?

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