Random stranger I’m worried about…

Someone found my website searching for “What Does Scurvy Look Like?”

I hope someone gets a toothbrush soon. And some citrus.

And since I just lost my dinner plans and now find myself blogging at night (not as impressive as the REM song about gardening), I figure I’ll just give you the rest of the Google hits to my site of recent:

4 pamie
3 pamie.com

Obviously. Not as obvious:

2 deep throat

Not only that, this person was so intent on deep throat stories he/she went all the way to page 15, where the link to my page was.

2 www.pamie.com
1 “ab” + journalcon + 2003

I always tell AB that if she’s wanting me to write more about her, she has to come and visit. Although we spent about five hours on the phone the other night, and that’s almost like hanging out. Stee asked me, “What did you guys talk about?”

“Oh, you know. Stuff,” I answered.

“No, I mean, what did you talk about?”

“Lots of things. Why?”

“Because I honestly want to know. Why would someone talk on the phone for that long if you weren’t trying to sleep with that person?”

1 “bitch magazine”
1 “how to have sex”

Oh. Ohhhh. That one makes me sad.

1 “michael rappaport” aspen

Who knows.

1 “the da vinci code”
1 “we all had to pee”

Is it a song lyric? Also, wow, there are a lot of journal entries about that very situation.

1 1067897806

Another instance of finding my website quoted verbatim.

1 34d bra
1 anne heche pictures private
1 b cup bra tits
1 big boobed girls
1 botox yellow arm pit stains
1 breakdancing + austin, tx
1 cameron diaz freakishly small


1 dramatic female monlogues
1 ear jaw squishy
1 gilmore girls font
1 girls wear little boy briefs
1 how big are 36c breasts
1 i married dora final episode
1 jen weiner
1 lorie deaf ohio teacher
1 mary kate and ashley thong

I saw it. I saw it. I knew everyone would be jealous.

1 matt bearden

I miss you too, Matt Bearden.

1 meterosexual
1 michael boogaloo shrimp chambers
1 my face gets red how can i stop it?
1 pam ribon
1 pamela
1 pamela ribon
1 pictures of “movie stars houses”
1 polaroid stories song list

I wonder if that was one of my old cast friends. I wish they’d stopped to say hello.

1 right eye twitch exercise
1 shimmy shimmy coco puff
1 skinnier calves
1 start sentence with the word hopefully

What’s it to you?

1 trader joe’s coffee bay blend
1 twitch brain eye
1 twitch under eye
1 types of boobs
1 what does scurvy looks like
1 what happens if you just quit paying your credit card bills?

Please email me and let me know. And finally, for the Fargo fans:

1 woodshredder

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