Dan returns triumphantly with an apology and a list of excuses

Hi! I’m here! I’m here! Don’t start the blog without me! I promise I’ll just be in, just one more second, and I’ll be right…

Sigh. Hi. Sorry. It’s been kind of a crazy few weeks. It’s not going to sound that exciting, but here’s where I’ve been:

*Dealing with the reading of the show I’ve made you hear so much about.

*Recapping two shows.

*One show got cancelled.

*Recapping one show.

*Ten billion other activities soul-sucking life mismanagement, all of which are behind me now that I am back on the blog. Back to stay. Hi, Pam. Let’s talk soon.

Incidentally, it has been exactly one month since I last left the five boroughs of New York City. And in that time, I haven’t been to Staten Island. Or Queens. Or The Bronx.

I’m going away for the weekend.

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