pam is procrastinating.

Dan, I’m bored. Tell me a story.

We’re having some serious water issues in the house. Specifically, when we turn the water on the house wails and moans like the poltergeists are about to cave it in. It’s been two weeks of dealing with plumbers, each one more confused than the other, and now one of our bathrooms keeps flooding. It is so loud that other people come out of their homes to find out what that terrible sound is. It happens when we use any amount of water, from the toilet to the dishwasher, and I keep thinking it’s only a matter of time before the pipes explode in the house and all of our belongings are ruined. Right before Dan was here last month I guess the water guys were doing something down the street. Then when Dan was here we had brown water for two days. Ever since then — scary sounds. What’s better? Brown water or intense moaning?

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