alaska and patty

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I got an email from my friend Shannon:

Hey, Girl!

I’m at work right now and I totally want to call you but I can’t because the owners have tapped the phone lines. That’s right. They’re so paranoid that they’ve set the system up so they can listen in on calls. Insane.

Anyway, on my lunch break today I went to get some orange juice from this restaurant on the corner. As I was approaching the place I saw “you.” I immediately thought, “Oh, cool! I bet Pam was at her agency around the corner” So I speed up my step and smile and go “Hey, Pa-” and “you” smile and give me a weird look.

It was Patricia Arquette.

I’ve heard you say people call her your twin but I never saw it that much but man, you two could be identical twins! It was seriously unnerving. I have never seen a “twin” of anyone I know.

After I went inside and bought my juice, I turned around and she was sitting right there! I know my eyes got really wide and I kind of jumped b/c she looked a little scared. So I left but peeked in the window because I just couldn’t believe it. Funny, eh? I was all, “I must get ahold of Pam right now!!!!”

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