Teller? I don’t even know her!

Pamela, that is insane. Not 12 hours ago I was telling that very story and recounted the fact that my celebrity stalker was Penn Jillette. Remember when we saw him? Yes, yes, of course you do, because of how you mentioned it before I did. But after I saw him in LA that time, I saw him not seventy-two hours later, in New York, sitting outside at a Starbucks, in Cooper Square, drinking a fatty latte, by himself, BEGGING to be noticed. It was all I could do not to walk up to him, introduce myself to him, introduce himself to me as my celebrity stalker, and suggest a pilot pitch entitled Coast to Coast with Penn Jillette, a show about a washed-up niche star and his last misguided fan.

Then a passing Comedy Central exec heard the noise inside my brain, and two years later, I’m With Busey was born.

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