Dan says: Day One Status (please don’t let her find this)

Things I said I did yesterday:

*A lot of utterly important, indispensable work.

Things I actually did yesterday:

*Posted to blog.
*Typed half of outline of new, even more commercially-inviable musical and didn’t email it to Tracie on account of all of that indispensable work mentioned just above, there.
*TWoP forums.
*Refilled Brita.
*Mused on pointlessness of refilling Brita, considering the last time I bought a new filter for said Brita it was labeled, “Best if used by end of Eisenhower Administration.”
*Checked email on all five of my accounts. People, I have FIVE different email accounts.
*Wished I’d bought food.
*Thought, “I’m inside my house. Why am I wearing shoes?”
*Took off shoes.
*Wondered how previous two thoughts about shoes killed fourteen minutes of my day.
*Ate lunch of instant noodles that I think I bought in college, which somehow still exists four apartments and three cities later, whereas I have no idea where my framed college diploma is.

And, of course:

*Didn’t finish Life of Pi. You can tell all those fancy scienticians to put down their fancy adding calculators, because I finally have the answer: Pi really does go on forever.

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