Banned and Burned

I like elevating my reasons for reading East of Eden this week from “I think that episode of Oprah is coming up” to “I’m celebrating Banned Books Week.” It’s also one of the few Steinbeck novels I haven’t read. Just never got around to it. For an 800 page book, I’m flying through it, and enjoying every page.

I like telling you guys what I’m reading, but I hate that I always sound so ignorant when I tell you what I think about the book. “Hey, Steinbeck’s a really good writer!” Oh, ya think? Thanks, Pam. You too.

But for those of you who also discuss their current selections and in doing so are moved to write horrible lies about Dan, I have this to say: I liked Life of Pi as much as the next Man Booker panelist, but nobody talks smack about my sidekick without me threatening to sweep the leg, Karate Kid-style.

That’s right. Bibliophile blog warz. Ain’t nothin’ geekier on a Monday afternoon.

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