the pull

it’s about me.

I pulled yesterday’s entry.

I’ve never really done that before. I pulled something about Oprah’s book club once, but that was mostly a joke. This is different. I posted yesterday’s entry and for the past twenty-four hours I’ve felt wrong about it.

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pamie the pirate

am i still sexy?

So I had my eye surgery yesterday.

Today it feels like someone punched me in the head. The light hurts it a bit. I’m tired.

But it wasn’t really a big surgery. Just some drops in my head, a sticky thing on my face to hold back my eyelashes, and then they PUT A KNIFE IN MY EYE!

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the explanation

There’s something in the air.

There’s something about this time of year. I don’t know if it’s the weather, or the holiday or what, but there’s something in this late-winter time that tests love.

It makes you re-evaluate your life. It makes you scared. It makes you want to make changes.

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Second Annual Squishy Valentine's Day Entry

i remember
that certain summer.
you were wearing that little bikini
and we played volleyball.
i thought it would be funny
to pull the string in the back
as you went for the spike.
man, i was right.
that was funny.
I wish you had a better sense of humor.
Happy Valentine’s Day.

more than coffee.
more than a new pack of cigarettes.
more than a naked matt damon.
more than a naked matt damon and a naked mena suvari
telling me to come to bed.
more than finding twenty bucks in my jeans pocket.
more than a pixies reunion.
i really do love you.

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by popular demand.

this page has lots of big files and will be loud. watch your speakers. don’t get fired.

Ladies and Gentlemen. Prepare yourselves for an exciting event. Now. On your computer. Eric and Pamie:

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last minute freak-outs and a whole new world.

So I’m on a plane very, very soon.

Have I mentioned my fear of flying? No? Well, that’s because we’re not going to talk about it. We’re just not, so shutup. I have no fear. NO FEAR, YOU HEAR ME?

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check out my excitement!

I have always thought you plant and garden people were a little strange.

I never understood the fascination with growing things in your own house. My mother would often bring in potted plants and position them in areas of the house. I believe we called them her “victims.” Each time one would come in we’d begin humming “Taps.” My mother would coo and water and talk to these things trying to get them to stay alive, but our house was the place plants went to die.

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miss link-a-lot

busy week means i send you elsewhere on friday

Today is extra link-y, since that seems to be my Friday routine.

That and I’m still not sleeping well, so I’m really tired.  Eric stayed home today, so I’m jealous.

Pretend I’m a weblog today.

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