Eric has a dilemma

and asks you for validation

Due to incredible workload, today’s entry is written by eric. But there’s a brand new hissyfit up that I wrote a while ago on the Divas Redone.

I’m not a bad person.


I just don’t know what to do in certain situations.

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Weekly Review

i think the week is getting longer

So, what have I learned this week?

I learned that there are some years where the Super Bowl doesn’t matter to Eric.  In fact, I only knew it was time for the Super Bowl because Howard Stern was talking about it.  For this, I thank him, as it proves that he’s not a big sports freak like I always make him out to be.  I was wrong.  He was right.

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missing madeline

strangers with bjork

Madeline Kahn

She was hilarious, wasn’t she?

Wow. Check this out:

I had just sent off The Mighty Kymm’s Christmas present using her wish list, when a box arrived from Amazon for me yesterday. I assumed it was something that I had bought for Eric, so I went into the other room to open it.

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babies and drugs

i’m all weepy again

I’m home today.  I crawled over to the computer to do this.  You see, I have learned that as wonderful as my new allergy medicine is (and check out their website— it’s pretty scary), it causes terrible pain once a month.  Not that I wasn’t already in pain, but now it’s heightened in such a lovely way that my spine hurts and when I wake up in the middle of the night (which you do all the time on this stuff- it’s got some sort of non-drowsy formula that works while you’re sleeping, too) I find that my body is tightly packed into the fetal position.

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jock talk

the truth about sports

(time:  yesterday afternoon.  place:  bedroom)

Well, when do we have to get back from lunch?

What do you mean?

So you can watch the game.

What game?

You said you wanted to watch basketball today, I was just wondering when we had to be back.

Oh.  It doesn’t matter.


There’s basketball on all day.  I can catch any game.


Besides, it’s only the last half that’s interesting… let’s see… it’s a Magic game.. yeah, whatever.  We’ve got all day.

Am I dreaming?

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look out!

why i’m just one big bruise

It has gotten to the point that there is always something wrong with my body. Eric constantly threatens to trade me in for a new model. For three weeks now I’ve had an enormous bruise on my thigh from where I fell off Andy’s back during an improv show and the corner of the stage hit me. It was in full purple splendor when I fell skiing and was told I’d have a bruised shin. It didn’t bruise, but still today my shins are sore from falling. The bruise on my thigh is rather faded now, but it itches terribly, and is still sore to the touch.

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leavin’ on a suzuki

don’t know if i’ll be back again

I’m freaking out. I’m about to go on this big trip and I’m FREAKING out. I’m bad about this “getting ready to leave” part. I start questioning everything. Did I remember to do this? Did I remember to do that?

And of course, since it’s the last day, I remember all sorts of stuff that I meant to do that I haven’t. I need to get some resumes together, in case someone for some reason asks. You never know. I have to update my resume and then paste them onto my headshots. I have to do that clippy-cut thing because resumes are bigger than headshots (just a little info for those of you not in the acting world…)

I have to pack.

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