Sigur Ros: Takk

Song: Glōsōli

I love Sigur Ros’ new album. It’s been helping with the long writing weekends.

I’ve been looking for a copy of this video for couple of days now, but every site would stutter up and die on me. Luckily Hamish provided a better link. Spoiler after the jump:

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kicking it.

Pam: Hey, how hard is your kickboxing class, man?
Patrick: … You’re going to be blogging about it tomorrow.

Consequently I’m in bed. I’m about to get up, but I want to make sure my entire body is awake before I stand. I haven’t actively engaged any muscles other than my arm to lift this laptop, and my fingers to type these words but… I have a feeling my lower half is angry with me. Read more


I just finished watching Waking Life, which in itself is a trippy-floaty experience, an animated fantasy that explores our dream life compared to our waking life, asking what happened before we got here, what’s going to happen to us when we’re gone, and how has our process of evolution changed as we’ve become more aware of our surroundings. Read more