Guatemala Bound

Heading out in just a couple of hours. I’m supposed to possibly have Internet service, and I’ll try to tweet from my phone just to show I’m totally still alive.

Actually, the only thing now that I’m thinking about is how I’m supposed to keep my eyes slammed shut in the shower so I don’t get amoebas. This, by the way, is all anyone does when you tell them you’re going to Guatemala. They tell you the worst horror story they know about the region, and then in their next breath they tell you you’re going to have a great time. It was like that when I ran the marathon, too. Wait. No. Nobody ever told me I’d have a good time at the marathon. And they were right. So there’s hope that this will be a good time. I was recently told that Guatemala is known as the land of eterna primavera. Eternal Spring. That sounds lovely. Eterna primavera… y banditos… y amiba en tus ojos.

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