On the Neon, Neon Side of Town.

So the last time I had a chance to update I was in Athens, GA, closing out the book tour for Going in Circles. The book reading was a complete blast. The place was packed with both pamie.com (well, TelevisionWithoutPity.com) fans and derby girls, and it was one of those events that makes me miss being able to get up on a stage five or so times a week.

Here’s me, obviously going for some sort of award.

Everybody was fun and funny and Allison snapped a photo of what it looks like when people hear Little Pam in real time.

Look at all the squinting and wincing!

Hanging out with the wonderful people of Classic City Roller Girls (including the incomparable Sweet Willy T-Bag and Fresh Meat/journalist Bianca Mocha) reminded me of everything I miss about being submerged in the world of roller derby. The friendships, the triumphs, the underdogs, the dreamers, the creatives, the bruises, the bruisers, and the complete freedom that comes with knowing you have absolutely no hang-ups about being out in public without any pants.

Like this girl.

I wonder if any other author had as many pantsless people at his or her book tour this year.

My knee is healing up well. I can run. I can jump. I can squat and leap. I cannot, however, crawl. The other weekend I jumped up onto the kitchen counter and balanced on my knees to get a bowl from the top shelf (I am short!). I got the bowl and then… I was stuck. I couldn’t do anything but stay kneeling on top of the kitchen counter for some time, until I figured out how to get down using only my arms.

This means I’m still not able to do the number one thing that happens to you in roller derby: fall onto your knees and get back up.

I’m still upset that I have damaged what used to be my one special skill. It was the only thing I did exceptionally well and now I might never do it again! This is terrible!

But anyway, back to Athens, where I found this wig, which changed my life.

And that’s how the Classic City Roller Girls and me went from this on a Friday night in a bookstore:

To this on a Saturday night in “Just Kicked Your Assville.”:

(All photos by Allison Lowe-Huff except for CCRG team photo, taken by Nelson Rajo)

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