Where I had been and what I will have had happen.

Let’s see. I went to Bellingham and that was fun. I got to meet superfan Teecer, who was extremely sweet and had all my books, and superhero Jen, who was awesome (Thanks for the review, Jen!). Lots of people came to the book signing, a homeless man won my box of Kleenex, and someone in the audience asked if I ever thought about being a performer, which made my friend from college sitting in the back laugh his ass off.

Last weekend I went back to the east coast to visit friends and family and spent time with people I love. Glark took pictures of me with nickels and llamas. (My favorite part? When Glark takes you to the llamas, the first thing he says — endearingly apologetically — is, “They might be alpacas.”)

You guys tried to save me from catching some kind of plane flu from a pretty girl who wouldn’t stop hacking on me. (see here, here, here, here, and here.)

And if you’re not sick of me yet, here’s a ten-question interview I gave Keckler over at BlogHer, where I think I said too much, but in return she gave Going in Circles a fantastic review.

And if you’re really not sick of me yet, I will be blowing up all over Baltimore in a couple of weeks.

I love the roller skates graphic Village Learning Place did to promote the first night. VLP is a non-profit neighborhood library, learning center, computer lab and neighborhood garden. And on Friday, July 23rd, we’re having a meet-and-greet party. I think we’re all going to eat and drink and talk books and derby. In a library! Dewey would be so proud!

The next day, July 24th, I will be at the Johns Hopkins Barnes and Noble (that has to be too many s’es) at 1pm to read, read some more, answer questions, pass out presents and sign some books. Did you miss the DC reading? Come to this one! Did you like the DC reading and think you have friends who would enjoy watching me dork out? Send them my way, please.

And then, I believe, we’re going to a derby bout! Baltimore’s Charm City Roller Girls (#4 in WFTDA East Rankings) are taking on the Denver Roller Dolls Mile High Club (#2 in WFTDA West Rankings). For tickets and info, see here.

But for a couple of weeks: no planes. Just a lot of hustling. So much hustling, you guys. Fingers crossed.

[Thanks to reader Monika, who just sent in some fade-out music for this entry. (bonus points for having “whip-it” in the lyrics!)]

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