chips ahoy

I get an email or text like this maybe once a month:

[readermail]DEAR PAMIE:

Please tell me the name of those chips you gave me that you said would change my life. You were right. I woke up the other day thinking about them and I am craving them like a pregnant lady. I need them now. I need them yesterday. WHERE ARE THOSE CHIPS?! CHIIIIIIIIPS![/readermail]

At this point, the Have’A Corn Chip people should send me so many free bags to thank me for the addictions I’ve created. I’ve even sent these things to other cities, after one friend was like, “How good could a bag of chips really be?” And then I sent them and she was like, “YOU HAVE CHANGED MY LIFE.”

They must stay stocked in my apartment at all times.

But I’m writing this to let my fellow chip-addicts know: you can now order them on Amazon. And I think ordering them in this 24-pack way (which, around here, will last a little less than three weeks) is like, ten bucks cheaper than getting them at the store!

What makes these chips so amazing? I think it’s the soy sauce.

You guys, remember when I got you all on The Soap* ? Behold: THE CHIPS.

Give them a try. I suggest making some salsa to go with them (please make it; have it be super fresh), but I’m telling you that you will end up eating them without anything and then spooning salsa into your mouth afterward, mostly to try and console yourself over being out of those chips.

* — I still use The Soap. Sadly, I am down to a tiny, tiny sliver. I haven’t tried to find it in years, but AB said she thinks her mother-in-law has recently lifted her “No Soap For American Girls” embargo. Here’s hoping.

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