dear internet.

i haven’t gone to physical therapy in two weeks. and i keep going to the gym.

dear internet, i am so bored with physical therapy, as it doesn’t seem to get any harder, and I don’t understand how that ultrasound thing is supposed to do anything.

dear internet, i think today i officially overextended my knee’s range when i tried to prove to myself that i could straighten both legs equally, because right now it hurts all throbby and angry, and i know it’s all my fault but it has been like, two and a half months since i’ve been able to get something from the bottom shelf and i am sick of it. wah. i know. wah. but really, what are those ultrasound things supposed to do? it feels like that shocker videogame that was just a way to take your fifty cents faster than the jurassic park game could.

okay, there. confession out.

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