Lots of Seven People!

Thanks again to all these pretty people who came out to the downtown Borders in Washington, DC this past weekend. Thanks to the fantastic people who worked the store (special thanks to Annika, who I think we might have turned into a derby girl), Morgan Davidson for her tireless efforts at getting me in that store in the first place, and the kickass skaters from DC Rollergirls who came out to represent and promote.

I was in rare dork form, you guys. The podium was so tall I had to alternate between tip-toes and attempting to awkwardly lounge atop a table. This prompted the question: “Do you need a step stool?”

Man, I can never be cool!

I read for a while, shared a story from Little Pam’s past, gave out some presents, answered some questions and someone had me sign her iPhone case like I’m Jay-Z or something. Two hours of awesome fun.

This Saturday, you can find me in Bellingham, WA. Details here. Excitement! Please come! This one will be even more derby-tastic.

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