Hi! This is awkward, right?

First I wanted to thank those of you who have written personally or blogged publicly about how much you enjoyed/identified with Going in Circles. Your words are very kind, and truly appreciated.

I mentioned earlier that All You Magazine has chosen Going in Circles as its Book Club Selection for May. They’ve now posted their supplemental material, which includes a contest/sweepstakes/semi-dangerous-sounding-event that you and your book club might find interesting.

1st Prize: Pamela Ribon will visit your book group to discuss Going in Circles and either accompany the group to a Roller Derby event in your town or participate in a Derby Helmet Decorating party. (Roller Derby event prize is contingent on location and availability. Derby Helmet Decorating party includes up to 20 helmets.)

2nd Prize: Pamela Ribon will participate with your book group by phone or video.

3rd Prize: Signed copies of Going in Circles for your entire book group.

The details and entry form are here.

Attending the bout was my idea, because a helmet-decorating party could end up rather awkward, I think, but more importantly it’s in public. Because listen: I’m a little nervous about this. I just get on a plane and go somewhere and then enter a stranger’s house because he or she filled out an online form?! Doesn’t this sound like the beginning of the dorkiest horror movie of all time?

So, you know, go ahead and enter. Actually, I want you guys to enter, because I mostly trust most of you. And also, when you enter: HAVE A BOOK CLUB. If I show up and it’s just you and a futon and some Sousa marching music playing in the background and you’re naked except for a penguin mask, surrounded by twenty derby helmets and twenty-six knives, I’m really going to be pissed.

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