Dewey Update: Michigan is for Book Lovers

Sorry for the delay; yesterday was a little hectic, and with this bum knee it takes me twice as long to accomplish something. And you guys accomplished something, too, with 156 donations and counting. Thank you!

It’s still National Library Week, so let’s go help:

Benton Harbor Public Library Children’s Department: Benton Harbor, Michigan

Benton Harbor is one of the poorest cities in the country. U.S. census data shows around half of the residents live in poverty, and more than 90 percent are African-American. The state has recently taken over the city’s finances, a move that has the area’s NAACP concerned.

Benton Harbor has an unemployment rate of 16.3%, compared to the national average of 5.8%

The Benton Harbor Library has a Twitter feed and a Facebook page, and a fascinating Wikipedia page. Closed on Sundays, The Benton Harbor Public Library is located in southwest lower Michigan, near the shores of Lake Michigan in Berrien County. From the sites it’s clear the library is staffed with librarians who care, who listen to the teens and kids in their community, and find a way to make the library an engaging, exciting place to visit every day.

EXCITING LIBRARIES. I believe they’re playing at Coachella this weekend.

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