Big Week, Big Day

1. Success! We hit over 200 donations for the Dewey Donation System!

2. The show I was working on over the winter, Romantically Challenged, starring Alyssa Milano, premieres tonight on ABC after Dancing With the Stars. I believe in the next month they’re airing four of the six episodes we shot.

3. Going in Circles comes out tomorrow! There was some Friday night silliness over it, when Dan and I went to the Grove to see what my friend meant when she texted, “I just saw your face at Barnes and Noble.” We got in trouble for taking pictures of the sign. “But that’s HER!” Dan kept saying to the security guard, who was having none of it. The third time he came over to tell us to stop, one of the store managers was with him. He gave me this bemused smirk like I was less-than-adorable. “That’s okay. I understand,” he said. “Is this your first novel?”

Which is when I had to say, “Um, no, sir. It’s my third.”


Stayin’ classy, y’all.

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