big book, little book.

The mass market paperback version of the novel just arrived at my door. It is so wee! I didn’t expect it to be almost as thin as the trade paperback, I guess because the German versions of the novels have been so thick. Y’all, Germans love me.

This mass market paperback was made specifically for All You Magazine which has picked “Going in Circles” for their Book Club selection for May. (So if you buy the mass market paperback there’s a little “All You Book Club” logo on the cover.) There’s also going to be a contest through All You that has me visiting the winning book club, so if your book club is into that kind of thing (And let me say, while I know this seems weird, the first time I visited a book club I made friends I still have to this day (and ended up having to watch a birthing video)), I’ll make sure to share the details as I learn them.

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