Cereal Killer

You know the kind of funny where someone’s pissed off about something and it makes you laugh, and then the more that person goes on ranting the funnier it gets and by the end you’re like, holding your breath so you can hear what she’s saying instead of just laughing? It can happen when you’re reading, too. Bunting just did that to me with Mueslix.

6 Honey Nut Cheerios vs. 11 Muesli(x). We had a box of muesli on our cereal shelf as a kid — the hardcore no-brand Bavarian-prison kind. I bet you a dollar that it’s still there, and that there’s still the same amount of “cereal” in it as 25 years ago, because Mr. S and I peered into the box, once, saw all this forest-floor nonsense like bark and twigs and dung-beetle carapaces and whatnot, and put it back on the shelf and never had anything to do with it again. Fine, provide your offspring with some fiber, but…some fiber. Not all of it. What am I, a termite? I’m sure Mueslix is not nearly as challenging, but hell if I’m going to try it and find out. Honey Nut Cheerios in a landslide.

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