Our Oakland Librarian Needs Our Help!

Dear Pamie,

I’m happy to see your blog is still going strong and that you are still writing.

I’m writing, because I am frantic. I have a request that will cost nothing to anyone but the time to send a batch email.

In order to save Lakeview and 5 other Oakland libraries from having hours cut from 6 days to 3 or 2 days a week, starting in July, we need people to contact City Council telling them to vote against this plan. City Council will decide at the end of June, so we only have a few weeks to turn this around.

Could you ask your blog friends to help us? If any of your blog friends are in the Bay Area and want to help in person we are having our first Save Oakland Libraries, Again!


Saturday, May 23rd 2:00-3:00
Lakeview Branch Library
550 El Embarcadero
Oakland, Ca 94610

Please email:

Ron Dellums officeofthemayor @ oaklandnet.com
Larry Reid lreid @ oaklandnet.com
Nancy Nadel nnadel @ oaklannet.com
Jean Quan jquan @ oaklandnet.com
Ignacia De La Fuente idelafuente @ oaklandnet.com
Desley Brooks dbrooks @ oaklandnet.com
Jane Brunner jbrunner @ oaklandnet.com
Patricia Kernighan pkernighan @ oaklandnet.com
Rebecca Kaplan atlarge @ oaklandnet.com
Carmen Martinez cmartinez @ oaklandnet.com

Here are some specifics about Lakeview, where you spoke when you visited a few years ago.

Lakeview provides in additon to books, dvds, music cds, wifi, public internet computers, audiobooks, newspapers and magazines:

1 or 2 adult programs a month (booked through April 2010)
Two art galleries, which have exhibits scheduled through October 2010
3 children’s story times a week
The Lakeview Writers Group which meets monthly and has done so for many years and has printed out two small volumes of original writings.
The Book Club, which meets monthly and has done so for many years.
1 teen program every other month and often more
A chess club which meets weekly after school and has done so for years
A knitting club for all ages which meets weekly and has done so for years
A new chess club starting monthly meetings on the 3rd Saturday of every month
1 Large special children’s program a month and/or 1 Small special crafts children’s program a month.
School visits and class visits
Currently we have 15 regular volunteers who donate 3 or more hours a week.
Our garden which surrounds our beautiful small building is totally maintained by volunteers
Over 10,000 people were inside Lakeview in April.2009!

This is a library that deserves to be SAVED!

Thank you, Pamie, if you even have time to read this.


Mary Eileen Farrell
On my own time
From my own computer

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