grateful and grumpy (aka: old-lady pamie)

For those of you who are crazy cat ladies/actual veterinarians/long-time fans: Thank you for writing in about Cal and his new meds. That’s very kind of you, and your advice is much appreciated. Yay for Pill Pockets. Now if only Greenies made a “Liquid-y Vomit Catcher ™” for thirty minutes after Cal’s had his medicine.

I don’t need to be yet another person to tell you how hot it was in Los Angeles this weekend, but I will be. It was hot. Very hot.

Also, since SNL is very diligent in protecting their copyright over the Internet, I cannot find the “Rabun to Shuri” episode (Season 26, Episode 2) where Kate Hudson and Maya Rudolph did a Japanese parody of “Laverne and Shirley” that remains one of my favorite sketches. So, I was quite disappointed in seeing the exact same sketch done this past weekend with a Japanese parody of “The Office,” complete with break for a commercial. In the original, a cockroach turns into a pastry. This week was a Hello Kitty tampon, but I think it even had the same “Ding!” punchline. It certainly had the same running gag about bowing. I know everybody loves Kristen Wiig, but Maya Rudolph’s Rabun was the best.

And yes, I just talked about pet medication, complained about the weather, and then bitched about television ripping off the old stuff that used to be on television. So before you tell me, yes, I know that means I’m old. Get used to it! I’m old! Get out of my yard! I know things! I was doing anime while y’all were still in diapers! Now that I’m old, I will complain about things that mean nothing to you because that’s what I do now that I’m old! Because I’m old!

Therefore, I will now think about stuff that completely ruins my day while you are footloose and carefree, sucking on penny candy, riding on your rolley-skates all the live-long day. Understand? Good. I mean, honestly.

…I’d better nap before it’s time for bed.

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