An Update from Peter, at the Rockhouse Foundation

[readermail]It’s hard to believe that we’re about to break ground on the renovation and expansion of the Negril Library knowing that so many books, furniture and technology are already funded through the awesome efforts of Pamie and David, not to mention the generosity of their thoroughly cool Dewey donors… it was truly an amazing achievement! A special shout out to Kate Drenckham who introduced us to Dewey, or Dewey to us. She and her entire wedding party were definitely in the vanguard supporting the work of the Foundation through newly-wed and wedding guest activism.

Random acts of action are rare and special. The Foundation seems to be an exceptionally lucky beneficiary. Think of all these folks who have never even been to Jamaica who were mobilized and motivated by the random action that defines Dewey (well, not exactly RANDOM action… the action was well-conceived and incredibly effective, but ACTION, not just kindness… though kindness is really nice too).

Sometime over the next two weeks, bulldozers and the crew will begin the process of demolishing the the crumbling, decrepit portion of the library. It is a long-anticipated event for hundreds of children and community members in Negril, all of who have greatly valued the library, but longed for a modernized facility that would give them access to information, literature and connectedness that are staples of global equality. Dewey’s donors have acted globally on behalf of a local community far away and, as the teacher in our video states, “that is a tremendous, tremendous action.” We at the Rockhouse Foundation feel exactly the same way.

One love,
Peter B. Rose

[For those of you who elected to contribute automatic recurring donations, I still receive alerts when another gift heads Rockhouse’s way. Thanks for making the give that keeps on giving. — pamie]

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