The Strike Is Over.

Man, I can’t believe I finally got to write that sentence. Now the weird hurry-up-and-wait daily grind of pickets and meetings can be replaced with the more familiar hurry-up-and-wait daily grind of story pitches and… meetings. But now with more Internet flavor!

It’s a big, exciting week. I’m gearing up to go back to work, cranking out the Tenth Annual Valentine’s Day Poems for tomorrow, and guess who’s just around the corner? Yay! The Dewey 2008 Drive starts Monday, February 18th. Get your book-sendin’ fingers all stretched out and ready.

I don’t wanna brag too much about my role in ending this strike, but it does look like I’ll be starting work at the exact minute my plane was supposed to take off to visit Anna Beth in Louisiana. When debating this trip weeks ago, I said if I didn’t book the flight, we’d be on strike forever (or at least until the summer). I knew I had to book the flight, if only for the good of the Guild. What’s a little cancellation fee to protect the future generations of writers? So, I did it. And look what happened.

You’re welcome, everybody.

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