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I keep planning on sitting down to write my Festival of Books story. I haven’t forgotten.

Instead: Two Office-related thoughts in my head lately.

The first was after hearing that Jenna Fischer broke her back at the upfronts by slipping on marble stairs while wearing heels. “That’s exactly what will happen to me if I ever get to go to the upfronts,” I thought. Because, come on. You know that’s what will happen, right after they introduce me as Pamlea “Camel” Riboy.

But more disturbingly, when I found out that The Rules For Starting Over had been picked up, my first thought wasn’t the one I should have had. See, the producers on that show are the ones who developed Why Moms Are Weird with me this season. And just last week I went in to meet all the other people on Rules, because they’d read my stuff. And so the first thought I’m supposed to have upon hearing that a show I met on got picked up is, “Yay! Maybe I’ll get a job!” But instead I thought, “Yay! Rashida Jones will have to leave The Office! Jim and Pam can finally be together!”

Which is why yesterday I bought five books. Because I think it’s time to step away from the television for a little while. (Just as soon as Lost and The Sopranos are over. I mean, come on!)

Wait. I can’t help that my real life and my television life combine in a very strange way. In fact, if it wasn’t for this unpredictable mix of fiction and reality, I wouldn’t have written about my food allergies last year, how I was taking advice from Dr. House. And if I hadn’t done that, I wouldn’t have eventually met my sweet friend Sara, who upon reading that entry immediately ran to her friend and co-worker Liz’s office to shout, “You saved pamie dot com’s life!” To which Liz replied, “Doesn’t she know we make this shit up?”

And if it wasn’t for the fact that television can actually be a job, the wish I have every other minute that AB can find a way to live here wouldn’t end up looking like this.

Yesterday I spent the morning watching the very last episode of Gilmore Girls, a show that used to occupy many, many hours of my week, for years. And maybe I hadn’t had enough coffee yet, and maybe I’m just a little bit too emotional these days, but I was crying like a child for most of the episode, sad that the show was over, while thinking about all the years that had gone by, and how different my life was when I was rooting for young Rory to kiss CuteDean, the boy who made her a car. (Looking over this long sentence, it’s possible I still haven’t had enough coffee.)

After the episode was over, I had to go to the Warner Brothers lot for a meeting, and I was kicking myself for not taking more photographs of Stars Hollow when I worked on the lot a couple of years ago. I rode a bike through there every day, and gave mini-tours to my co-workers (Did you know Stars Hollow had a Repertory Theatre? It did. I saw the storefront sign.) So, after my meeting was over, I wandered over to where Stars Hollow used to live, to see if anything was left.

That’s Miss Patty’s studio. The playground equipment that used to be here is gone.

The gazebo is still there, but not much else.

And this is Luke’s, empty, and without the sign out front.

Yeah, it’s sad. Goodbye, Stars Hollow. Thanks for all the cherries.

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