The Thank-You Round-Up

[In lieu of an actual entry, because it’s been a little busy over here these days.]

Recent reviews for Why Moms Are Weird include:

“…witty, funny and self-reflective…” — Romance Junkies

“Damn…how’d Pamie know all that about me?” — Sheer Mabness

“I thought it would be strange to review a book by someone I consider a friend, but it makes it much easier when that friend is someone who lives out in L.A. and whom I don’t get to see all that often anymore. What makes it even easier is that the book is very, very good, a funny and bittersweet story that finds the author moving in the right direction.” — My homie Omar G (“Separate….Lives!”) at Terribly-Happy

“In a marvelous story of family foibles and secrets, Pamela Ribon has penned a winner; sure to entertain the most jaded chick-lit lover, Why Moms Are Weird is laugh-out-loud funny and bittersweet, packed with realistic dialogue, wonderful chemistry and touching moments. A wonderful cast of characters balances out this lively look at home and family, love and romance.” — Chicklit Romance Writers

And thanks to everybody who has written to tell me your personal experience with the novel. If I haven’t written you back yet, it doesn’t mean I don’t love you. Um… it just means I’m waiting until I can give you all the love you deserve. Yeah, I still sound like a bad boyfriend.

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