Podcast: Film Pigs: Silent Hill

The Film Pigs make alternate DVD commentary for movies that suck. This week they invited me to join them.

Silent Hill (2006)

What Halloween would be complete without an awkward video-game-to-movie translation? Watch in horror as a concerned mother deals with her child’s terrible nightmares about a town called “Silent Hill” by putting her daughter in the car and maniacally crashing it into a town called “Silent Hill.” For some reason, this makes the child run away from her mother, seeking comfort from the town’s compliment of shambling ash babies. 2 hour movie. 20 minute expository ending. 5 minutes of good gore. 1 Strippercop. PLUS, guest commentator Pamela Ribon delays a very important phone call to join us in anticipation of Scary Cakes!

Don’t miss the moment when I inadvertently insult my husband, two of my closest friends, the internet, technology, and you — all at the same time.

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