the top model strike continues

At the strike last Friday, I was babbling to Eric about how I sometimes put the post of the sign at the top of my hip. “It’s my strike hip,” I explained. “Why doesn’t anyone else use their strike hip?”

Eric pulled out his camera. “Okay. Give me your best Top Model pose,” he said.

I tried.

“No,” he said, sounding disappointed, checking the viewfinder. “You really look bored in this one. This time, try to be just a little more aware of the fact that you’re trying to look bored. That’s much more model-y.”

I posed again.


“Now I look confused, right?”

“Sorta. Let’s try where you only look at the camera at the very last second.”

I flipped my head, feigning shock.

“Pamela Ribon,” he said in his best Tyra impression. “This is your best shot.”

I think it’s because my right eye is all wonky like part of my face is twitched-up and cracked-out.


Also, when I was in Connecticut last week Marcy told me that she agrees with Steph that I look like Brooke. “But without all the man parts.” Sweet.

Eric wrote about how difficult it is to chant when you’re exhausted, and also posted more of his pretty pictures, including some of the insect that once made Dan shout, “I am not giving up my hand-picked, six-dollar, Whole Foods banana so some bedazzled, Madagascar cockroach can have lunch!” [That is, by the way, my most favorite, most LA-sounding complaint of all time.]

You can support the Top Model writers and keep track of everything that’s been happening with the strike by visiting their MySpace page.

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