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“…And when Pam writes about situations that might be traditionally wacky, she doesn’t turn away from the depth of how bad that sucks when it’s you. Another writer– a Chick Lit writer– might play the whole situation for superficial laughs, but not Pam. Don’t get me wrong, there’s laughter in the book, but it’s the kind of laughter that has acid and razor blades under it. The way you laugh when if you didn’t forcefully keep reminding yourself of how goddamn funny this is, you might lose your shit completely.”

Sugar and Spite

“I loved it. It was my first time partaking of the so-called “chick lit” genre, and I thought Pam killed it. “Killed it” being a good thing, like how the kids say. I’m not sure whether comparing something to Nick Hornby in this day and age is good or not, but I really like him, and the aspects of Hornby that I really like — the conversational style, the realistically likeable characters, the pop-cultural references that come across as personal rather than gimmicky — are present in Pam’s work. And there was a relationship triangle that actually held some suspense! A fantastic read, pick it up.”

Low Resolution

“…I tore through this book as quickly as I did the last one; it’s another page-turner and a lot of fun to read. I think it’s really interesting the way Pam writes characters and dialogue. Each character and line of dialogue is always a little left of center. Nobody behaves the way you’d exactly expect them to, and as a result, the characters can’t be pigeonholed or predicted….”

Pie Not Included

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Thanks, Ali, Joe and Mo. I truly appreciate it.

And if you happen to be cruising through the Newark Airport, I just signed their two copies of Why Moms Are Weird at Borders.


Hello, Los Angeles! I will be speaking and signing at the Barnes and Noble at The Grove, Friday, September 22nd, at 7:30.

Future dates and locations to come. Thanks to everybody who has written to tell me they’ve enjoyed the book, or taken the time to mention it on their own websites. It is very difficult to garner publicity for a book like this (commercial fiction/chick-lit) at a time like this (august, post chick-lit backlash), so I need all the buzz I can get.

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