special delivery

I had a very dork/skank moment at my front door this morning. I could hear the postman walking up the steps, but I was only in a towel, and anywhere I could have gone he would have seen me. So I stood very close to the door, hidden behind it, as these arrived:

Very exciting. (Even though I look all pissed off in that picture. It’s because my cameraphone has the most awkward button to push to take a shot and it takes all of my concentration for a self-portrait. They really should improve that on cameraphones because all we do is take pictures of ourselves at events, and we look like idiots trying to look natural while concentrating and craning our wrists around. Wah! My technology isn’t helping me be self-centered enough! Wah!)

You can get your own copy right here. Read the book Irwin calls: “Girly, but still funny. No, really, like, I laughed, and it’s not like it’s a book that I’m supposed to find funny. But I did. Good job, Pamie. But I feel like I know too much about you, now, and I can’t really look at you anymore.”

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