working late.

Working on script changes for tomorrow’s read-through. That’s okay, people have made my desk pretty (one from my husband, one from my agent. this is hollywood).

Morty brought in a fancy bottle of wine, and Sara gave me another nice bottle for my birthday.

We’re on a hiatus week, which means that while we don’t shoot an episode this week, we’re writing and shooting lots of things that will be shown during future episodes. The episode that’s airing tonight has three pieces that were the first things I’ve done as a field producer. I helped write the scripts, went out on the shoots (in the hot, hot sun), and even gave input on the editing. It’s hard work, and I’m learning a lot. Gosh, that read like a postcard from summer camp. I don’t know how else to describe this. Maybe soon, when I have a couple of hours and a little perspective, I can explain how we put together a comedy/variety half-hour. It’s a completely different skill set than I needed for the sitcom. This feels more like putting on a sketch show, where the sitcom was a play. That’s the best I can describe it in shorthand.

It’s been a nice birthday, with lots of well-wishes and cookies. Turning thirty-one wasn’t as painful as I feared it would be. Then again, that might be the cookies talking. Can’t blame it on the wine — that was consumed hours ago.

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