Why My Brain Is Mad At Me

I used to think knowing all the words to “It’s The End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)” was an interesting fun fact/party trick. But now that I know more than four full chapters of “Trapped In the Closet,” I kind of want to kill myself. But it’s all in the name of PFLAG.

Looking for something incredibly silly to do with your Friday night? How about a live rendition of R Kelly’s 12-part masterpiece, as performed live by one Brently Heilbron with a remarkably large band?

This show has everything you mistakenly thought you never wanted to see, including nine different ways to hold a fake gun, a girl getting into a fist fight with a puppet, and me humping a grown man’s leg. And… you know… Big Man.

It’s for charity, and judging from the response last time it will sell out. So if you’re coming, come early (avoiding a “that’s what she said” joke and moving on to…)

I knew I had broken something important in my brain at our last rehearsal when I shouted, “We’re not even doing this for actual gay people. We’re raising money for people who know gay people? What the hell? I can’t stop hearing words in my head about a guy named Twan. Give me some money.”

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