waitin’ on the big game

(photo: stee learns how you listen to sports in the south)

It took a billion hours to get home last night because every airport in this country is stuffed with Longhorns. It’s hard to get pissy when everyone’s in burnt orange, all trying hard to get to your hood.

Welcome back to the East side, Horns. Hook ’em.

I wore my colors to the Ralph’s to buy some Shiner. Luckily the only person who hates USC more than a Longhorn these days is someone who hates USC every day, which is: someone who went to UCLA. This means instead of the grumpiness I received last year about this time, I had a lot of people flashing horns at me as I bought some tandoori fixings.

But before there was shopping, there was sleeping. By the time we got home last night it was today already. The flight was an hour late, the shuttle service never came and we had to pay for a cab to get our car and then get our cab reimbursed, so we got home about four hours later than we were supposed to. After re-introducing ourselves to our cats, we ate the latest fast food ever (in the spirit of my days in the South, I guess), and then passed out.

Hey, someone in Houston. Can you buy me The Viper? I’ll really miss that coaster when it’s gone.

Since my 2006 so far has been a combination of good friends, lazy living and frustrating travel, I’m sorry to hear Dan’s has been filled withassholes. I’ll try my best tonight to make it less shitty, Dan. I bought some salmon. And some Shiner. And stee will be at poker, so we can say “like” all we want without anyone judging us.

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