Tubey’s Kids Auction: Dress-Up Tubey Collection

I am in awe of the work put into the coolest limited edition Tubey collection.

The Tubey Dress-Up Collection lets you build many specialty Tubeys from a “base” Tubey doll. We got amazing flags, buster hooks, billionaire hairdos, and yeah, we got a thong tubey too! Man, there’s Tubeys in here not available anywhere else yet!

Tubey is the mascot for Television Without Pity. He gives advice that makes me laugh. I have a crush on Tubey.

So you can imagine my delight when I saw Thong Tubey chillin’ on the beach, reading my book. [So special thanks to It’sAllAboutTheGiants for making me do several e-cliches, including ROTFLMFAO, squee, spit coffee all over my keyboard (you so owe me a new one!), and finally, accidentally step on a cat. Oh, is that not an internet cliche yet?]

Please don’t miss at least viewing the collection of Tubeys because they’re hilarious. (I also love Bastard Tubey, but that’s because I also have a crush on the Bastard himself.)

The amazing Tubey Collection is up for auction on eBay until December 13th. All funds collected go to Donor’s Choose. So you buy a holiday gift for your most TWoP-frenzied friend, and the money goes to charity. It’s two gifts in one!

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