Berkeley, Day Two

Or three? I guess, technically, it’s Day Three, even though Day One was more about crossing the country to get here.

Anyway, I’m sick. it was bound to happen, really. i’m sick in the way that makes me not want to use capital letters, because my head’s all fuzzy and i feel like i’m floating above my head, looking down. that’s the cold medicine. but it’s also the fact that my head’s all clogged up. i think my headphones are so loud that everybody can hear ella fitzgerald belting “born to be blue” in my ear.

i was going to try an old-school blog here, as i’m just killing an hour while stee works before we go have dinner with old friends. but all i could find blog-wise was this cnn article about honor killings that reminded me again of how proud i am of my friend danielle for her short film. people have been talking about danielle a bit this week, as she filmed our wedding. it’s a tape we haven’t ever watched. we’re saving it for our anniversary, to watch as we eat the top of our cake.

then i was going to post the public retraction from last night’s trivial pursuit game, where i had enough scotch to tell everyone at the table that my stupid mistake was the game’s fault, and that i remember harper lee’s book that i read once when i was fourteen better than reality. see, it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird. it’s not a trick question. and i don’t know where i picked up the notion that atticus taught scout that it was a sin to kill a spider. is that from another book? i really remember that and i hate when something i’m sure of turns out to be absolutely wrong. and then i missed a really easy andy warhol question. this is ridiculous. the amount of warhol stuff i have in my home, how much i seek out his artwork and books and even the damn pajama pants i wore last night — it’s inexcusable to miss that one. at least now i can blame this cold, which was probably already taking hold last night, making my brain too fuzzy to remember the easier questions.

so today i’ve been taking it very easy. lots of sleeping and good food and a little reading and more sleep and soon a good dinner and then more sleep before the long drive tomorrow.

The BWC, August 2005

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