go read stee

I’m very lucky to be staffed right now. I say that a lot, because I don’t want people to think for a second that I don’t know how lucky I am to be staffed right now.

That being said, I should send stee’s latest entry to all of my friends and family as an attempt to explain what it is we do for a living. Books and television shows make sense. You can buy them or watch them in your living room. But creating/developing/attempting to get a job making books/television shows/films is a frustrating, ego-bruising game of “MaaaaaybeeeyeessssNO.” Over and over again, like playing roulette. You know there’s going to be a number. It has to land on a number. And you’re kind of lucky. And you can play a bunch of chips around the number, to play it “safe.” And then: double zero. You always forget about the damn double zero.

There are some days when you’ve got a dayplanner full of meetings and agents are calling and nobody’s saying no for at least another twenty-four hours. But the days when you’ve spent eight hours at a coffee shop working up a treatment for a screen adaptation of an epic poem to pitch over the phone to strangers in London (this is not a hypothetical scenario), that’s when your mom calls and asks, “What are you up to?” and there’s really no explanation that’s going to make her feel at ease.

Anyway, go read stee. He’s cheating on CoinStar.

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