Calling All TiVoes.

Hot Properties premieres tonight at 9:30 (8:30 Central) on ABC.

We’ve cancelled our tiny viewing party, as it’s pretty certain I’ll be at the office late tonight. I knew it was ambitious to think I’d be around for it in the first place, but Dan reminded me that it’s important to celebrate your firsts.

This morning, while getting dressed, I said, “I’m putting on my Friday panties. For luck.”

“You know what’s funny? You’ll be coming home in those on Saturday.”

“Yeah, I wonder if I should announce at midnight. ‘Excuse me, everybody. My panties just rolled-over. I need to go change into Saturday.’”

Stee and I have been trading reviews of the show all morning, good and bad. I’ve never been associated with something reviewed so heavily. With books or plays, you’re dying for any kind of ink because it’s the only advertising you get. And, you know, trashing television is what I used to do for supplemental income. So it’s only fair I’m on the other side, reading snark off the internet about my own work.

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