Set List from a Sitcom Warmup Guy

Hour One

  • How U Folks Doin’?
  • Been 2 a Taping Before?
  • “And Clap”
  • Who’s Excited?
  • Promise of Candy and Pizza
  • Sitcom 101 (Not Funny Ha-Ha)
  • “Who Likes To (Party In Da House)?”
  • Say “Hey!” Say “Hey-HEY!”
  • Make Some Noize!!
  • Sitcom 101 (Continued) [NO JOKES]
  • Who Likes the Bible? / Who Writes Poetry? / Who Watches South Park? (Getting to Know You)
  • Random Trivia About the People You’re Staring At
  • “Marines In Da House!”/ Fire Safety 101
  • Where U From? (Stretch this out)
  • Name That Tune
  • Shake It, Don’t Break It
  • Sing-a-Long Like You’re Drunk
  • Candy Throw I
  • Make Some Noize (II)

Hour Two

  • (note: Turn hat sideways [ALWAYS FUNNY])
  • Awkward Silence As I Try to Figure Out What the Fuck Is Going On (Moving On?????)
  • Stalling 4 Pizza
  • Well-Timed Boob Joke [CHECK! I’M AWESOME. THANK YOU!]
  • Tossing Toys
  • “C’mon, Get Da Beat!”
  • Incomprehensible Side Trip
  • Holla For Pizza
  • “They Have To Shoot This Scene One More Time” [Hold For Groans]
  • Stalling 4 Pizza (II & III)
  • Act a Fool
  • Try to Start Clapping and Dancing / Remind Them to Laugh Louder
  • “Is This Show Blowing Up or What, My Friends?!”
  • Exhausted Sigh
  • Applaud Random Camera Guy For Being a Camera Guy

Hour Three

  • “Audrey Hepburn in Da House!!”
  • “These girls are so hot. Don’t they drive you crazy with how hot they are? I mean, GOD.”
  • Who Wants Tic-Tacs?!
  • “Give it up for that last joke, people! Give it up! Give it up!”
  • “Milkshake” Dance [BONUS: On old lady’s lap!!!]
  • I Think My Microphone Battery Might Be Dead
  • Testing / Testes
  • And We’re Back!

Hour Four

  • Who Wants a Snickers!?!
  • Ooh, I Almost Hit You In the Head With That Candy
  • “Let’s Give It Up For Those Guys, Huh?
  • Um… Uh… I Don’t Know… What’s Happening… Uh…
  • And Clap!
  • Hey, Say Hi To That Guy, Ladies and Gentlemen
  • Curtain Call 101 [Exhausted]
  • Remind People How To Clap
  • Woo! Woo! Woo!
  • Sing “Closing Time” To Empty Seats

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