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Hi Pam!
It’s been awhile, but you and your readers were so helpful after the San Diego firestorm crisis, that I just had to pass this on.

Our little library benefited by 63 selections from our ‘Wishlist’ and we will be moving into our new facility in November. We will never forget the kindness your readers expressed in support of our community. Hopefully, people all over our great country are already sending support to the survivors of Katrina. As a ‘Library’ person, I know, after people start rebuilding their communities, they will also realize the loss of their local library collections. So often we turn to public services to assist in our growth and recreation. As library workers we want to assist our sister libraries in Louisiana. As individuals, we can help them provide service to their readers once again. ” The Louisiana Library Association has set up ‘The LLA Disaster Relief Fund’ and is now accepting monetary donations to assist school, public and academic library restoration efforts in Southeastern Louisiana.”

We can make out checks payable to: LLA 421 South 4th Street, Eunice, LA 70535

Hopefully, we will hear from organizations for other states who also suffered loses and can assist them as well.

Thank you, again, for your dedication and support and hopefully your readers will find this a worry cause.

Vickie Mulrean
Branch Operations Manager, San Diego County Library-Campo-Morena Village Branch


Since you’ve conducted so many successful book drives, I wanted to let you know about one that the folks at mystery book listserv DOROTHYL are running with a Borders in Houston, TX.

The information is located at the bottom of the blog entry.

I’m looking forward to seeing the results of the TWoP recapathon. Thanks for all that you do!

Tori Rosin

Hi Pam. I need a little help on behalf of my hometown.

I’m selling some very cool, cute “Second Line for New Orleans” t-shirts and other merch on CafePress. All the money I get from the sales of this stuff (about $5 a shirt, less for the buttons and magnets) will go to the American Red Cross fund for Hurricane Katrina relief. You know me and you can trust me to give all the proceeds to the Red Cross … in fact, in a couple of weeks I’ll estimate the money I’d eventually get from CafePress (they seem a little slow about paying) and donate it through my employer, who will match the funds. So every $5 is really $10 that goes to hurricane relief.

Here’s a link to the Second Line for New Orleans shop.

A New Orleans “second line” is an informal group of people who dance and make music through the city streets, usually behind a more organized parade or procession (the “first line”). People dancing in a second line often carry gaudy Mardi Gras umbrellas for shade and decoration. The original second line clubs were benevolent associations (aka Social Aide and Pleasure Clubs) formed in the late 19th century to assist the African-American community with loans, insurance, and other needs.

My family is from the New Orleans area and they are all safe and well, and it looks like most of their homes are okay too. But I felt like the City of New Orleans itself could use a big old second line club right now, so I designed these shirts, buttons, and magnets. I love the idea of people around the country wearing their second line umbrella shirts and thinking about how great New Orleans is.

If anyone likes the graphic but can’t afford the stuff on CafePress, I’ll post a color PDF soon to my Web site that you can print onto labels or stickers. I’m still working out the kinks (Avery no longer seems to make printable stickers in cute sizes and shapes! damn) so give me a few days on that. Also, if anyone wants a style of shirt or other item that CafePress offers but that isn’t on my page, please email me and I’ll add it for you.

I’d post this to the forum but I’m not a member and it seems a bit crass to sign up just to post this. I’m a long-time reader and just this once, would like to ask your other readers for help.

If you can post any or all of this info to your Web site I’d be very grateful. (If you want to post a graphic, feel free to steal the GIF off the CafePress page or off my personal blog.) If you don’t want to post the link to your Web site, no problem … but do feel free to share the link to the store with anyone you think might appreciate it. Many thanks.


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