Look How Pretty!

Sweet, smart, beautiful Anna Beth Chao made this pretty website with her two bare hands. So tell her she’s wonderful, because I couldn’t be happier with pamie.com’s new digs.

Also, I’d like to give a very special thanks to my boy JD at Myrmid Hosting, who keeps this enormous site up and running when all it wants to do is roll over and die.

And I’m thanking both of you, again, for not killing each other over the past week when this site became the most annoying thing on this planet.

Look, you clicked a button, and it took you here! Forgive me, I’m impressed with the newness of Movable Type.

I’m such a geek that today I pitched a joke with “Dreamweaver” as the punchline. Last night (before the sonic boom woke me up), I was having dreams in html code. Last night AB and I were IM’ing about archives and Blogger and code for over six hours. I have crawled back into my geek duds for you. I wanted a site that was easier on the eyes. Still have to figure out what to do with all the individual Blogger daily entries for the archive, as they … zzzzzzzz.

Sorry. I don’t have to type all of the thoughts in my head.

I don’t even have a real entry. I just wanted to play with the new website.

Um… hm. Yeah.

Happy new webpage!

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