I’m such an asshole.

Here is my public apology.

Dear stee and Dan,

I resisted looking up the rules, because once stee was so adamant that I was wrong, I started to realize that my fifteen-year old recollection of the nuances of scoring pool might be a bit… off. But I couldn’t resist Wonder Killing myself.

Apparently you do not lose the game if you scratch on the break. It’s considered a foul, and goes behind the line. But, the opponent then has the option of (1) accepting the table in position and shooting, or (2) having the balls reracked and having the option of shooting the opening break himself or allowing the offending player to rebreak. So you can call for a rerack, but the game isn’t a loss. I’m sorry. Dan, this means you and I never won a single game once stee showed up. See you tomorrow.

BUT, there is a rule called Safety. Ha-ha! Except that I thought it meant pretty much the opposite of what it actually means. So… awkward.

I have nothing else to add here except I’m really sorry I gave you snotty looks and “Gah”‘ed all over the place, trying to act like a badass. You were right. I was wrong. You are awesome. I am sorry.

I’m still not going to use the pussy bridge.


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