plays well with others.

Whenever I had to change schools as a kid, I’d always get really sick on the first day of school. It was always stomach related, and made me feel like I was going to throw up from sadness. In fact, I’d be so sad I could actually start heaving. It meant I almost always missed the second day of school at the new school. I just couldn’t handle going back to the new school on the second day, being at the unfamiliar place once again, trying to make friends.

So I’m wondering if this stomach pain is the grown-up version of that. Many, many, many of you have written to warn me of gallstones. I did a little Dr. Google and saw that I don’t really have any of the other symptoms, other than the pain. But thanks for the heads-up. I’ll be sure to see a doctor if it gets worse. I promise. I promise, all my Internet Moms!

The pain today wasn’t nearly as bad as it has been. That is probably due to the fact that I didn’t work a twelve-hour day. It is also probably due to the fact that the new job is full of nice people and now the stress of starting somewhere new is over. I don’t think I’ll need a note from my mom tomorrow because I can’t stop crying and heaving.

This didn’t mean the writers at the last job didn’t tease me for my anxiety. “I’m sure all the bullies won’t pick on the new kid,” one said. “You’re going to be great at your first day of school.”

“Did you get a new backpack?” another asked.

I lowered my head, “Yes.”

“You’re blushing!”

“Because you outed my geekiness so effortlessly.”

[NERD] I love my new computer bag. It’s blue and has a separate compartment for my laptop. With Velcro. And it’s orange on the inside. It has a mesh pocket and it’s from Australia. [/SUPERNERD]

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