turn around, bright eyes

I am currently making an enormous fool out of myself in the coffee shop.

I cannot help it. Bonnie Tyler is singing her ass off in my ear, and I cannot control my feet, my legs. My hands lift off the keys and beat air drums —

“Total Eclipse of the Heart” is one of the best damn songs of all time.

I can’t stop. stee’s giving me the raised eyebrow, looking with even more concentration at his keyboard, pretending I no longer exist. He has to, because I’m mouthing, “We’re living in a powder keg and GIVIN’ OFF SPARKS!” Legs kicking. Head bobbing.

There’s a crazy in every coffee shop. Today, that crazy is me. And I LOVE IT.

Oh, no. Next song: “It’s Business Time.”

I’m gonna get kicked out of here.

(what are you listening to?)

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