Since Turning Thirty, I…

–woke up with aches and pains. I do believe I said, “Ow, my back.”

–forgot what I was going to say two words into the sentence.

–publicly announced someone’s birthday as belated, when it hadn’t happened yet.

–surfed online for a good, affordable Singer, and not the kind that come to my house and play Karaoke Revolution.

–complained out loud to nobody about squirrels in my yard eating my sweet basil.

–moved tables at the restaurant because where we were sitting was “drafty and too busy.”

–made a pot of tea.

–got pride from making a chickpea and eggplant filo pie in my new springform cake pan just like Nigella would.

–held a cat who didn’t want to be held and told him he wanted to be held because he’s a good kitty and it’s my birthday.

–wore my pajamas until five in the afternoon.

–couldn’t remember which piece of sushi I had just eaten, causing a three-minute discussion over who gets the remaining piece.

–celebrated a pile of books and gardening tools as presents.

–gabbed on the phone all day to friends and family while sometimes wearing a robe over my pajamas, wandering around my yard, fixing the tulips.

Maybe the body does start to change, just a little. And I suppose I’m getting a tad on the grown-up’y side. Not too much, though. I had a fantastic birthday, filled with well-wishes and good news from so many friends.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I gotta pull my rocking chair up to the veggie patch and shoo away the squirrels. Pa’s callin’ for his britches, so I gotta get back to my sewing.

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