Only Four Days Left!

An original Glarkware Now or Never: ships may 31

Get your own Wonder Killer t-shirt.

The perfect shirt for the Know-It-All in your life who can’t help but tell the people at the next table the answer to the question they’re pondering. You know, the one who starts all of his or her sentences with the word “Actually?” The one who’s always shouting at the television screen: “It’s ‘Christopher Reeve,’ not ‘Christopher Reeves’!” The one who corrects the teacher, edits your email replies and thinks it’s the best game ever to find typos in the newspaper.

It’s you, isn’t it? You’re the Wonder Killer and your friends hate you. Hide in shame no longer! Wear your superpower like the superhero you are.

Wonder Killers, Unite!

This item is only available to order until April 30th. The shirt will ship May 31st. You snooze, you lose, so order today!

It’s pretty. It’s red. It tells the world what you already know. You’re a Wonder Killer.

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