Shave and a Haircut, Two Blocks

It was very tempting to just write, “So that happened.” And then move on. Because honestly, it will be near impossible to put into words the past three weeks. I figure I’m going to need the help of some photographs. While I’m waiting for everything to come in (and if you’re reading this and have some digital pics, please send me an email!), I thought I’d let you know that we’re happy and healthy and married and tan. Aspen is in just three weeks, and many deadlines are approaching, in addition to thank you notes and trying to get our lives back after The Event, it’s really very busy around here.

Some of our friends have written about the wedding, but I’ll link to them when I do the wedding entry, so they’re all in one location.

Oh, and we don’t have a phone due to the storm and we didn’t have DSL for a few days and apparently there was a lot of rain around here while we were on our honeymoon.

So for now, I leave you with this, my welcome back to Los Angeles. I was driving to Trader Joe’s to pick up food for dinner last week, when I noticed the man in front of me.

I tried to take a picture, but here all you can tell is that I need gas. This was because at first I was worried about getting noticed, or that he’d take offense. Then I thought about what he was doing, and realized it totally didn’t matter.

Here he is. This man:

Is cutting his hair! With a comb and scissors. Next to a cop!

While driving! He’d drive and cut, using his rearview mirror to watch himself snip a few hairs off the top of his head.

Which means I was taking pictures of a man cutting his hair, all while we were next to a cop, which you can see from above, wasn’t the smartest thing. We did this for about three minutes. And then, while I was chuckling about what a jackhole the man was, you know he turned right into the Trader Joe’s in front of me. (I waited in the car for ten minutes, until he couldn’t possibly recognize my face.)

And that’s the Los Angeles that was waiting for me when I got home, and that’s why I love it here. I’m never the weirdest one.

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