Wedding Week Update #1

I burned my arm making dinner last night. Just a small burn, one I’ll be able to cover up with makeup, but I knew it was going to happen. I’ve smacked my hands into just about everything over the past couple of days, and now two of my knuckles are skinned, including my left ringfinger. Yay, pictures.

I’m making the table cards while stee is creating a wedding rehearsal worksheet on what appears to be Photoshop. My mom is currently sitting in a car downtown in the rain, waiting for AAA to come fix the flat tire on her rental, wondering if she actually has to pay the parking ticket she just received.

The rain is just starting to lighten up for the first time since last night. The sun is peeking through. This is good, as I’m about to head to the airport to pick up Lord and Lady Cheese.

I had the meltdown you’re supposed to happen last night, when it’s all just about finished, but suddenly you realize you’ve been spelling someone’s name incorrectly for six months, and you have to dig through bags to find everything that person’s name is on to fix it, and you’re mad at yourself and mad at this person for not having a normal name and there’s still more to do and it’s pouring outside, and Mom can’t find the hotel and why do weddings have to have so many damn details? In the big picture I can see that we’re on track and everything is great and there’s nothing to worry about, but when you get bogged down in the tiny questions, worrying if everyone will be able to get to and from the wedding on their own, hoping you’ll remember this thing or that thing, remembering that you never did that one thing you want to do, or you still haven’t figured out if someone’s going to videotape the ceremony and the music needs to be finalized and everybody’s starting to arrive and it’s supposed to maybe flood in places over the next 24 hours and maybe some flights will be delayed —

The rain just stopped. And now: incredible winds.

The gods are celebrating our marriage by weeping and throwing tantrums.

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