Use Your Voice

Here’s what I did today. You can do it, too.

I went here to locate the name of my U.S. Representative (which I should know anyway, and now I do so that makes me a better American).

I called this number (1-202-225-3121) and asked for my representative’s extension.

After being transferred I said, “Hi, I’m calling to ask Mr. Becerra to vote NO on the Marriage Protection Amendment.”

To which the man on the phone said, “He will be. Can I get your name and address, please?”

Go ahead and try it yourself. I’ll wait…..

(While we’re waiting, people in Ohio, if this issue is important to you, then make sure you vote on November 2nd, because this is on your ballot.)

And now, giddy with power, will you please register to vote?

Forget “Please.” REGISTER TO VOTE.

With this form you can register to vote from anywhere in the United States. That means you, college peeps. No excuses. Even Punks are seizing the system now. Ay! Oh! Let’s Vote!

If this is your first time voting, think of how important your first election will be. My first time voting kept Clinton in office. You know I was proud of myself, especially when it caused a big fight with my dad. Because I had my own voice now, and I was exercising it, and no matter how crazy it drove my dad, I had the legal right to disagree with him because I was a grown-up. I was a grown-up with a Winnie-the-Pooh backpack who stayed up until four in the morning playing video games, and my vote still counted. Yours does, too. Please use this amazing power you’ve been guaranteed since birth. Please vote.

If you haven’t, I mean. If you have, you’re super sexy. Seriously, you look so hot with that voter registration card. See you November 2nd, hottie.

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